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    特性描述Feature description
    "本系列為燃燒器下置式煙火管鍋爐,燃料經燃燒器霧化后在爐膽內微正壓燃燒,高溫煙氣在爐膽內進行輻射換熱后進入煙火管對流換熱后經上煙箱排出。本系統爐型采用計算機輔助設計,優化了各受熱面,使爐體結構更加合理;鍋爐采用高級離心玻璃棉保溫,進口彩板外包裝;配備原裝進口燃燒器,全自動程序化控制。This series are combustor underneath type smoke and fire tube boiler. Fuel carries out micro-positive pressure combustion after pulverization by combustor and high temperature smoke enters into smoke and fire tube for heat convection after radiation heat exchange in the furnace pipe, and then emits from the upper smoke chamber. This system furnace type adopts computer aided design, optimizing each heating area, to make furnace body more reasonable; boiler adopts advanced centrifugal glass cotton heat preservation, packaged by imported color plate; equip with imported with original packaging combustor, full-automatic sequencing control. "
    主要特點Major characteristics
    1.不銹鋼或碳鋼鍍鋅材質,確保爐膽永不生銹,并達到國家飲用水衛生標準。 Stainless steel or carbon steel galvanized material ensures furnace pipe won’t rust permanently and comply with national sanitary standard for drinking water.
    "2.爐體具有超高強度及超長壽命,每一爐體均通過水壓試驗,保證強度及防漏。 Furnace body has super high strength and super long service life. Each furnace body has passed water pressure test, to ensure its strength and leakage prevention. "
    "3.選用國標鍋爐管,布置合理,換熱面積大,熱效率高,采用管板自動焊,絕對保證焊縫質量。Select national standard boiler tube, arranged reasonably, large heat exchange area and high heat efficiency. Adopt tube plate automatic welding, and absolutely ensure weld quality. "
    "4.體積小,重量輕,占地面積小,安裝運輸方便。 Small volume, light weight, small area and convenient installation and transport."
    "5.結構緊湊合理,維護極為方便,熱效率高。 Structure is compacted and reasonable, maintenance is very convenient and heat efficiency is high."
    "6.自動化程度高,易于操作。 High automation, easy to operate."
    "7.鍋爐按常壓爐設計,運行安全可靠。 Boiler is design in accordance with atmospheric pressure, and its running is safe and reliable."
    "8.煙管內設有不銹鋼擾流片,減緩燃燒煙氣速度,加強換熱,保證燃燒產生的熱量最大程度地傳導到水中。 Equip with stainless spoiler in the flue pipe, reduce combustion smoke speed, and strengthen heat exchange, to ensure the furthest heat produced by combustion is transferred into water."
    9.本體配有玻璃管式水位計,鍋爐水位一目了然。 Equip with glass tube type fluviograph for the body and boiler water level can be seen as plain as print.
    "10.鍋殼爐膽大夾層水套,鍋爐水容量大,可提供充足的開水。 Shell furnace pipe large intermediate water jacket, large boiler water capacity, provide sufficient boiling water."
    產品用途 Product use

    "為賓館、學校、企事業單位提供飲用開水 Provide drinking boiling water for hotel, school, enterprise and public institution."




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