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    特性描述Feature description
    主要特點Major characteristics
    1.鍋爐的設計、生產制造、監督檢驗均嚴格按《鍋爐安全技術監察規程》、NB/T 47034-2013《工業鍋爐技術條件》、JB/T 1619-2002《鍋殼鍋爐本體制造技術條件》執行,確保鍋爐長期安全穩定工作。Design, manufacturing, supervision and inspection of boiler strictly comply with Boiler Safety Technology Supervision Procedure, NB/T 47034-2013 Industrial Boiler General Technical Specification and JB/T 1619-2002 Shell Boiler Body Manufacturing Technical Condition, and relevant standards, to guarantee long-term safe and stable work of boiler.
    2.本體為鍋殼式全濕背順流三回程煙火管結構,火焰在大燃燒室內微正壓燃燒,完全伸展,燃燒熱負荷低,有害物質NOx排放量少。Body is shell type full-wet back three-pass fire-tube structure, flame is micro-positive pressure combustion in large combustion chamber, stretch completely, combustion heat load is low and harmful substance NOx emission is low.
    3.波形爐膽及螺紋煙管結構,即提高了強度,又滿足了各部分受熱膨脹的需要。Wave furnace pipe and thread smoke pipe structure not only improves strength, but meets requirements of heating expansion of each part.
    4.主焊縫焊接均采用對接連接,并經X射線及超聲波無損檢測,確保焊接質量達到國家要求。Main weld welding adopts butt joint connection and carry out X-ray and ultrasonic wave nondestructive testing, to guarantee welding quality reaches national requirements.
    5.鍋爐水容積及氣空間大,適應負荷能力強。設計合理的鍋內裝置,保證蒸汽帶水率低于4%,滿足用戶對蒸汽品質的較高要求。Boiler water volume and gas space are large, and load adaptability is strong. Design reasonable boiler device, to ensure steam water content is less than 4% and meet higher requirements of users for steam quality.
    6.采用新型隔熱保溫材料,重量輕,散熱損失少,保溫性能好。Adopt new type heat preservation material, light weight, small radiation loss and good heat preservation performance.
    7.水位報警器采用不銹鋼作電極棒,聚四氟乙烯作絕緣材料。從上方插入,不易掛污,性能可靠,使用壽命長。Water level alarm adopts as electrode bar and polytef as insulating material. Insert it from the top, hard to hang pollution, performance is reliable and service life is long.
    8.前后煙箱為鉸鏈連接,可輕松打開,檢修維護維護方便快捷。The front and back smoke chambers are articulated juncture, which can be opened easily. Overhaul and maintenance are convenient and rapid.
    9.選配國內外先進的低NOx燃燒器,自動調整燃燒設備的配比,使其實時處在最佳的工作狀,出煙口配置冷凝器,燃燒效率大大提高,從而可大幅降低燃料的消耗。Select the global advanced low NOx combustor and adjust proportion of combustion equipment automatically, to make it at the optimum working condition all the time. Equip with condenser at the smoke outlet, greatly improving combustion efficiency, and thus reduce fuel consumption significantly.
    10.選配高分辨率的彩色或黑白PLC全自動智能控制系統,可實時動感地顯示燃燒器、水泵等的運行狀況及火焰的變化狀態,操作更加簡便直觀。Select high resolution colorful or black and white PLC full-automatic intelligent control system which can display operating status and change status of combustor and water pump at dynamically at real time, so operation is simple and visual.
    11.尾部煙道可以加裝冷凝器,實現余熱回收,提高鍋爐效率。The tail gas flue can be equipped with condenser, to realize waste heat recovery and improve boiler efficiency.
    產品用途Product use

    為食品加工、印染、制藥提供生產用汽,醫療機構提供消毒用汽,為其它企事業、賓館的采暖提供蒸汽,亦可通過水箱加熱提供生活熱水。Provide production steam for food processing, printing and dyeing and pharmacy, provide degassing steam for medical establishment, provide steam for heating of other enterprise, public institution and hotel, and also provide domestic hot water through heating of water tank.




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